Healthiest beverages reminder of the healthiest websites - put your cc away.
The Technology Health Route shares the most powerful information with you.
If your IQ is above 190, if you have shattered many world records repeatedly,
then you have earned a forum, a soapbox, from which to teach the rest of us.

UNTIL you have shattered world records, or read 100 books on YOUR area of interest,
until you have demonstrated your expertise in your arena, who are you to speak at all?
If your parents taught you that you have a valid opinion on anything you have not mastered,
then your parents raised you with a defective set of tools that you can fix in this very minute.

"Profit" is an important word to every life. Sadly, the word "profit" is among the greatest defects,
because not even one in every hundred children are ever taught the meaning of profit, including you.
Pareto's Principle is sorely abused and tested when applied to your own first, instant, knee-jerk definition.
"Profit" means so much more, and so much better. (Talk about a sentence with many separate, profitable meanings!)

There is profit, for example, in adopting the healthiest simple secrets of longevity in order to adopt similar results,
deeply adopting & making fullest use of the identical steps used by those who have done it and are doing it today.

"Profit" is when you come out ahead. The best kind of profit, of course, is where all parties benefit, called "win/win"
Turning a profit is your choice. How you turn that profit is also your choice. You can profit in wealth, and in health.
Wisdom includes knowing that health is the ultimate wealth, and it's a wealth that promotes other forms of wealth.

The better your brain operates, the smarter, more fruitful your decisions tend to be, right? "Feed the brain."
Now, if you understand the value of this, you can learn to hydrate your brain with the healthiest beverage.

Your brain requires, basically, tiny amounts of glucose and great amounts of oxygen, which water delivers.
Hydrating your brain with good, clean, fresh water, not out of a bottle in most cases, is genuinely brilliant.
Any time you take an action that produces superlative and repeatable results, your brilliance is applauded.

Exchanging other materials for the benefits of the healthiest beverage, the drink of drinks of the best drinks,
water in its most basic, supercharged state, is going to make all the difference as you yourself will quickly see.
Every waking hour of your life until you start unwinding for bed, at least an ounce of three of water is your best bet.
Of all the effective health secrets you are taught, sold, hit by, how many can compare to the number of benefits of water?
Talking a healthiest game in no way proves that you earn the name, being included in those we count as the healthiest humans.


One by one, there at least five to ten decisions about your health that are NOT your healthiest decisions, one by one worth figuring out.
If a majority of your food diet is not ground-based, particularly greens, you cannot possibly be living at your healthiest level of life.

If you are not routinely ingesting air-dried sea salt basically every day you live and breathe, you are not thriving at your healthiest.
No, not super-heated trash salt sold in supermarkets and most food stores, for that matter, AIR-DRIED sea salt is the most critical food.

Without air-dried sea salt,
forget your immune system,
forget your intestinal ability to hold water,
kiss off any close to healthy elimination,
discard thoughts of food nutrifying you.
Forget about producing vital adrenalin,
or just-as-critical HCL digestive acid.

No, that's not all, there is even more damage when you do not get sufficient air-dried sea salt.
If this is news to you, the Technology Health Route does not invite you to believe a word here.
What the Technology Health Route invites you to do, what Plan For Living Success demands,
is for you to interrupt, ahh... some of your less-useful activities, for a few minutes of study!
Go! Leave here! Go and learn three or five or ten new FACTS about air-dried sea salt.
Not opinions, facts. This is surely the healthest approach from a mental standpoint,
and will prove to guide you towards your healthiest decisions across the board.
This commercial for the healthiest beverage is brought to you by clean water.

Who loves you like the Technology Health Route ?

Can You Find Multiple Meanings In "Healthiest Beverages of the Technology Health Route "

The Technology Health Route Shares With YOU About The Healthiest Beverages On Earth - Water, Water!
If you are the tiniest bit happier or better because of or in part because of such sharing, pay with help.
Help the helpless wherever you are on earth, because wherever you find greed, you'll find suffering

We can fix the blame, or we can fix the problem, helping ourselves, then helping the helpless.
Not the typical beggar, no, those who cannot even beg for themselves, human, animal, a tree!

Where there are bullies, let there be YOUR Plan For Living Success to help even the playing field.
Where there is great greed, the Technology Health Route is already within you to to properly nurture.
Water a seed, water a noble thought, water the brain that feeds the thought, water the parched tissues.

Bottled water generally costs 1,000 to 25,000x what tap water cost.
Surely you are not so intoxicated by advertising as to value that?

A majority of bottled water sold today is someone else's tap water

Do you really consider such liquid to be the healthiest beverage to reach for?
Is there REALLY nothing better or healthier you can think of to drink today?



If you agree to share, you will learn great health & wealth.
Your Plan For Living Success Is Wisdom You Already Possess.
Your Technology Health Route, wisdom proven by the long-lived.
All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know to listen, comprehend powerful information, new to you.
Do you see two ears to one mouth meaning using ears twice as much?
These next few minutes of your life are likely to alter you forever. Focus.
When we obtain benefit from new facts, we get to our first level of wisdom.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, let’s remove your limits.
You have invested eighty percent of what is needed to get to so many more profits.
Don’t limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
This is a major and master secret of the universe, used by all of the masters around you.
Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you’ve ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
Each PowerGem is an omnipotent, universal secret of your own Plan For Living Success.
PowerGems stay hidden in plain sight, through all the millions of MisterShortcut pages.
We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Plan For Living Success :
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
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Sagacity Of The Plan For Living Success
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When you save a hundred lives and a thousand, you cannot avoid the profit.
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MisterShortcut invested more than 180,000,000 of life's most precious possessions into you.
Discussion of the healthiest beverages has value because they are critical to how we all live.
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It's quite a feeling when you realize you have saved hundreds of lives.
You are smart enough to know that Newton's Law works consistently.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
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one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called “PowerGems.”

Minerals within dihydrogen oxide are living-giving "supplements" built into the healthiest of life boosters.
That is part of the reason why the Technology Health Route assesses clean water to be among the healthiest beverages.

Internal Choices Of Your Technology Health Route and Plan For Living Success

Everyone has choices to make. With love are you advised that most of your choices are not proving to be in your best interest.
Paying yourself first means caring intelligently. Like any other set of tools, your body needs air, water, salt, oil, bulk, bacteria.

Those are five powerful secrets of life, they supercede most of the benefits attainable from anywhere else, provided you do it right.
Yet, you persist in demonstrating stunning stupidity in how you make use of these five single most critical elements of your longevity.

Air is first. Do you use that tool fully, completely, and hyper-profitably, or do you use that tool just enough to get by?
Whether you decide one day that you will run up every flight of stairs you encounter, other than appropos exceptions,
or merely learn to exhale two, three, even five times as much as you do now, expelling toxins from many years ago,
you can learn to use more of the tools you already have available to you, to find profits popping in unexpectedly.

Next comes water. Every food you eat, all 490 direct actions of the liver,
along with thousands of enzymatic reactions that only happen when notified by the liver,
every function of your body needs water, and the better your water, the greater the nutrition.
This used to be basic to most everyone who has had access to water. Today, real care is required.
The Technology Health Route grew the basic reason for water being our healthiest beverage into many.
Dozens and dozens of them! You take off the top and just SLAP THE CAP! The price has to stagger your mind.
This drink has got more than sixty supplements, and they are not low-grade, they ALL test strong on 4 polarities.
See if your vitamins or supplements or green drinks can stand up to the one-second bidigital test that will tell you.

Hold your thumb and weaker finger together and gently resist as someone else gently pulls your O-ring apart. Easy enough?

That's it. You now know how to do the basic O-ring test so brilliantly defined by Dr. Omura in his actual patent for it!
The rest is experience, doing the test on food (just stress tap it a few times, hold it away from your body and do the test).
That tells you if the food is energetically weak or strong. You can also do a thumb and finger one at a time for each polarity.
To determine if food is going to weaken or strengthen YOU, regardless of its innate energetic strength, hold it against you.
Do the bidigital test before and after you hold it against some part of your body, preferably upper half, and you will know.
The more you do the bidigital test, the better you get. You can test buildings from across the street, amazingly accurate.

If the building has had many tenants, high turnover, you will see it test weak, it has pitiful vastu. A strong building has prosperity.
The accuracy and consistency explain its longevity as the oldest form of science. Learn and benefit from yielding your better vastu.

You now know how to find out if a food or drink is going to weaken or strengthen you. As long as brain points on tester are strong,
the results of this test are accurate approximately one hundred percent of the time, earning it Technology Health Route recognition.

With a QCI for 20 to 30 seconds, or a quarter-second of QVial, on top of the head, GV20 meridian brain point is temporarily strengthened.
As with every other facet of QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), akin to the new generation of B-DORT and QRA, accuracy speaks, loudly.
Any test that proves right every time is one that every human should have available. Thus, this quick Technology Health Route lesson.
However, what good are the best HealthGems of the Technology Health Route if, dietary secrets are not known to you? Now you know.
More air, more water, more air-dried sea salt, the single most critical food, creating ability to digest food coming in.
Unheated oil, meaning never-heated oil, no processing, what is most often referred to as "extra virgin" oil.
Bulk, which means fiber, and bacteria, meaning probiotics, such as is found in any good kefir.
A healthy person has more than five pounds of probiotics in a healthy intestine, so...
Air, water, salt, oil, bulk, and bacteria. Technology Health Route says, "Water!".
Naturally, because it is necessary. water is simply delicious, and nutritious.
The five most precious, important secrets of your longevity you know not.
You THINK you know it, and prove otherwise with imitation foodstuffs.
Imitation food can only give imitation nutrition, imitation health.
Adopt these five secrets of the Technology Health Route today,
just to see how few days it takes for you to feel the wallop.
With that, let us help the helpless, just as we help you.

 Plan For Living Success Shapetalk Wisdom
If it is to be, it is up to me. Since you are not immune to this, let's get busy.
Ask more people more times each, and end up with more than most anyone else, indeed.
Embrace the Plan For Living Success for the Plan For Living Success to embrace you.

Where there is sufficient will,       a way is usually found.
Benjamin Disraeli had a pretty good point of view on this subject.

"Nothing can resist a human will that will stake even existence on a settled purpose."

Water has a settled purpose of helping to nutrify each us us, as the healthiest beverages.
Please remember, clean, fresh, mineral-rich water is our healthiest beverage.
Always has been this way, best that the Technology Health Route can tell,
and always will, best that the Technology Health Route can predict.
Drinking the cleanest waters, you drink the healthiest beverages.

Technology Health Route Healthiest Beverages Shapetalk

Healthiest beverages are treasures of the Technology Health Route.
If we appreciate the healthiest beverages, health benefits accrue to us.
The more we learn, the better and longer we characteristically tend to live.
This is proven every day by those who embrace the healthiest beverages.
The Technology Health Route researches many 'healthiest beverages.'

Healthiest beverages for you, sure, healthiest beverages for me,
relationships with healthiest beverages is how to live more happily.
Healthiest beverages, healthiest beverages, that is why we are here,
promoting more great healthiest beverages, mostly for you, my dear.
Reach for healthiest beverages, extolling healthiest beverages, too,
for the oldest of healthiest beverages often delight as do the new.

The Technology Health Route Conveys What Secrets?
Are healthiest beverages part of you, or just some secret?
Healthiest beverages for you and healthiest beverages for me,
drinking more 'healthiest beverages' is how we live so healthfully.
Healthiest beverages, healthiest beverages, that is why we are here,
encouraging you to drink the healthiest beverages, benefiting YOU, my dear.
Teach them the healthiest beverages, preach benefits of healthiest beverages,
for as often as not the old and the new, are the healthiest beverages,
because Nature is consistent in delivering the healthiest drinks.

Live Your Technology Health Route. Determine for YOURSELF a better plan than the one you have been living.
FIVE MINUTES of study per day will rapidly multiply your skillsets relating to making the healthiest decisions.
Learn about water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oil, fiber, and probiotics so critical to good digestion.
If you want to live your healthiest life, accept that it happens through living your healthiest decisions.
The Technology Health Route is already alive inside of you, awaiting your healthiest decisions now.
Yes, nutrition has multiple factors. Water is a "healthiest decision," because of all its nutrition.
The nutritive and the synergistic effects of so many upper-level supplements closes the deal.
The Technology Health Route urges you to drink water. See if it's YOUR healthiest beverage.

The Technology Health Route constitutes the greatest collection of the healthiest shortcuts and healthiest secrets.
It is a natural progession for the Technology Health Route to look into the healthiest beverages, which we see as WATER.
The Plan For Living Success represents one of the greatest gifts of love to all of humanity, the secrets of masters and millionaires.
Summarily, your opinion of the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route have no licit value to anyone, including yourself,
unless and until you have lived extensively in at least three of the four categories of master, millionaire, champion, and billionaire.
As well, relating to the Technology Health Route, you must be naturally living "younger" than your peer group, ie: schoolmates.
Those who do better show better, proving to know better. They are the only ones in the room who ought to be speaking.
Get it from the horse's mouth, or get caught at the wrong end of the horse, for healthiest beverages, and more.
Fully engaging your Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route, you tend to get reciprocation.
Take a sip of the world's healthiest beverage, and leap back into helping yourself to help yourself.

Even with healthy dalliances into the healthiest beverages,
Your Technology Health Route does not muck about in tiny bits,
not when the healthiest beverages help us all to think more clearly.
You are, at this point, visiting the largest source of shortcuts in the world,
where the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route come together,
with two very specific goals: to feed starving people as the result of creating new wealth.
Half your new wealth fairly belongs to your partner, the Plan For Living Success, so, share more.
The half of your new profits belonging to the Plan For Living Success must be invested by you locally.

The targets are, of course, those who do not have more. Once you learn how to do more, be more, acquire more,
you'll be in a far better position to help the ONE-HALF of the world that goes to bed hungry each and every day.
By obtaining help, profound help in the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route, you will help.
First, we together get your health and wealth as close to being on track as can be achieved in one life.
This includes making sure you get plenty of the world's healthiest beverages, the cleanest waters.
By helping you to be your healthiest, and, using Plan For Living Success wealth secrets,
you will be in a better-equipped position to help more of the world's truly helpless.

Filled with the wealthiest and healthiest shortcuts of top achievers and winners,
the secrets, the techniques, the words and questions of those who outperform 90% of us,
the Plan For Living Success has been designed for your life, with Mr-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy
The Technology Health Route is the compendium of wisdom gleaned from people living healthfully beyond one hundred.
Those who do it best, know it best, not chic "commentators" wearing white jackets or appearing on Sunday morning television.

Learn more so that you can live more!
Stop accepting opinions of people after your money!
Participate, rather than just blindly obeying instructions!
3 facts per day? In 100 days, you know more than your MD!
Stop thinking small! It cramps you! Consider BETTER results!

The Technology Health Route and Shortcuts is Tremendous
Tap any letter, number or character (yes - even upper-case!) on your keyboard
to transmogrify this page into another Mr-Shortcut website of EyeCandy and empowerment.
With no way to review all of the millions of unique creations crafted by MisterShortcut, just jump in

Now, if you've got a glass of the world's healthiest beverage next to you, to hyrdate yourself regularly,
the Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route invite you into the most exciting of adventures,
the journey into finding, and developing, then bringing out, all of the best and brightest within Y O U.
Learning that water is proven, the healthiest beverages in the world is one of 1,000 delights.
The Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route are laden, rich with shortcuts.
As water is rich with all-natural supplements, and the world's healthiest beverage,
your life is rich with opportunities to create even a one percent improvement.
That one percent improvement, oft-repeated, yields double every 100x.
Touch any character on your keyboard for more from Mister-Shortcut.

More Technology Health Route Healthiest Beverages Shapetalk

Expounding on the healthiest beverages, embracing the healthiest life we can live,
after all that we chose to have said and done in this forum, it is all a healthy chance to give.
The more that we give, the more we get, so give more healthiest beverages, it IS your best bet.
Reach for more empowering healthiest beverages, teaching all that you live of good health,
and the Technology Health Route assures you will then, posesses the greatest of wealth.
Yes, the Technology Health Route and Plan For Living Success embrace good waters.

It is amazing, first of its kind, water proves to be the real thing.
The Technology Health Route sees nothing more real than water.
Water is the mostest real of all, one of five most-critical foods.
Healthiest beverages? Is there a beverage healthier than water?
The Technology Health Route requires plenty of fresh, healthy water.
Every hour of every day, approximately ninety quarts, filtered by kidneys.
Your kidneys work 86,400 seconds per day, never, ever enjoying a vacation.
Water is the healthiest beverage because it is your own healthiest beverage.
Further, the healthiest people you see are all drinking this healthiest beverage.
In other words, the Technology Health Route does not mandate drinking of water.
LIFE mandates a regular supply of clean water, since it is the healthiest beverage.
The Technology Health Route is about water, every waking hour of your entire lifetime.
Drilling nice and deep is an effective way to get water, more so with dozens of ultimate supplements.

You Do Know What The World's Healthiest Beverages Are?
Start with the simpler healthiest beverages.
Healthiest beverages through my life for health,
since health proves to be the greatest form of wealth.
Healthiest beverages in A.M., healthiest beverages at P.M.,
water is, the healthiest of beverages that we ever feed them.

Relationships with healthier beverages is how we exist this healthfully,
proving that those who hydrate hourly also live their lives more wealthfully.
Healthiest beverages from other healthiest beverages, occurs, but not so often,
considering that healthiest beverages, often, this painful journey sweetly soften.
Promulgating greater healthiest beverages, primarily for those who have little,
because the richest among us, with less-than-healthiest shortcuts,
prove to care not too much more than a tittle.

Living Healthier Thanks To Your Healthiest Beverages

Because it is so easy to get caught up in modern-world dietary habits,
the act of learning just a few new facts per day rapidly develops expertise.
Drinking more of the world's healthiest beverage every day makes a difference.
Plain clean water, or sparkling, both of them are among the healthiest of beverages.
If you drink the Technology Health Route in, you must drink your healthiest beverages.

DO NOT KEEP LETTING the busy nature of your life to deny you living at your healthiest.
Welcome to a world of ultimate health, where we include the use of healthiest beverages.
So far, the Technology Health Route finds that water is the greatest, the healthiest beverage.
The Technology Health Route is honored to share in the presentation of the healthiest beverage.
Naturally, the title of "Healthiest Beverage" can only be given after enormous testing and tasting.
The Technology Health Route knows of no other bottled drink more entitled to "Healthiest Beverage"


Technology Health Route Healthiest Beverages Shapetalk Five

With exegesis on the healthiest beverages, endorsing the healthiest life we might live,
in consideration of what this forum is dedicated to, it is among our healthiest ways to give.
Do not underestimate the power and value of making the healthiest decisions about beverages.
The more we choose to give, the more we get, thus the healthiest beverages, may be our best bet.
Let us all learn more of the healthiest beverages, reaching for all we can find in great health.
wherein the Technology Health Route sees that then, we can earn the greatest of all wealth.

Sure, both Plan For Living Success and Technology Health Route endorse water.
The Technology Health Route sees water as the healthiest beverage.
Water is the alpha and omega of our healthiest hydration tools.
Water is seen by the Technology Health Route as a TOP 5 food.
Healthiest beverages? Are there beverages healthier than water?
Living the Technology Health Route calls for lots of fresh, clean water.
Each hour of your day, some 90 quarts of blood are filtered by the kidneys.
Your kidneys work 86,400 seconds per day, never, ever enjoying a vacation.
Water is the healthiest beverage because it is your own healthiest beverage.
Additionally, the healthiest people will likely drink these healthiest beverages.
In other words, the Technology Health Route sees naught better than clean water.
Water is simply one of many ways for us to drink the earth's healthiest beverages.
The Technology Health Route is about water, every waking hour in each of your days.


Healthiest Beverages Poetry Shapetalk
The Technology Health Route LOVES Shapetalk,
ESPECIALLY when shapetalking about the healthiest beverages

The healthiest beverages that we can see, will deliver the healthiest beverages, YOU will see,
the healthiest people, raised with the healthiest morals, deliver the healthiest beverages in history.
No hype and no pay, no commissions have been paid, the Technology Health Route says it must be said,
that drinking the healthiest of beverages, day after day, is how we might delay, when we become dead.
Let it be known that the Technology Health Route makes no commissions on the sale of water, not a one.
The Technology Health Route would love to be a distributor of water, helping YOU to be your healthiest.
So, why does the Technology Health Route NOT become an official "healthiest beverage" distributor?
Because money tends to interfere with credibility. It is challenging to believe blatant profiteers.
Thus, the Technology Health Route willingly, even happily, surrenders money in order to help.
Let us all live the healthiest lifestyles, drinking the beverages that qualify as "healthiest."
From the core of the Technology Health Route comes certitude that water is healthiest,
the single healthiest beverage available, not sold by the Technology Health Route,
beyond "selling" an acceptance of water as the world's healthiest beverages.

Learn more that you might well live more, enjoying YOUR Technology Health Route.
Excellence never happens accidentally, never without a Technology Health Route.
RE: healthiest beverages, the Technology Health Route currently votes for water.

Success Is Intentional With The Plan For Living Success - Why Live By Accident?

Consider any one or any ten of the best moments of your life, and then consider what your contribution to it was.
Here you have, right underneath and inside your own nose, YOUR most custom-made map and route to your greatest successes.
Whatever you did leading up to those greatest moments might be considered YOUR most compelling candidates for your action today.
From the healthiest relationship choices to the healthiest dietary and nutritional choices, being healthiest is your choice.
The Technology Health Route invites you to justify the faith in you these sites contribute, by drinking your healthiest beverage.